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Akala ‘Find no Enemy’

Having stepped on the scene back in 2004 with his first mixtape entitled ‘The War Mixtape’ Akala has since carved quite a name for himself in the music industry, boasting an extensive back catalogue of mixtapes and albums alike. While he hasn’t achieved the chart success many believe he deserves his music transcends genre boundaries touching the hearts and minds of anyone who takes the time to listen.

Last year he released his third album ‘Double Think’ (excluding mixtapes) to critical acclaim which featured a number of notable tunes such as the electric guitar laden ‘Faithless People’ the socially conscious ‘Your’s and my Children’ and finally the subject of this post the reflective truths relayed within the beautiful ‘Find no Enemy.’ Do yourself a favour and spare five minutes of your day to listen to this masterpiece.

If you like this track and want to find out more about Akala take the jump to his website www.akalamusic.com


Diggy Simmons

It seems that there is no shortage of talent in the Simmons household and while it doesn’t hurt to have a wealthy and widely connected father such as Rev Run he can only provide a stepping stone, following that each child has to prove their own worth.

Diggy Simmons is not merely proving his worth but excelling in his various career choices. At only 15 he has two mixtapes under his belt, a recording contract with Atlantic records, and a trainer line to boot. Not only is the work rate there he is actually an incredibly talented rapper who is breathing hope into a genre that has faced worrying times in recent years through lack of originality, skill and depth. With rappers such as Diggy on the horizon it could be that we are in for a renaissance of the early years of Hip Hop. If you haven’t heard anything from him then take a listen to the freestyle below.

Music to Make you Move: Hilltop Hoods ‘Still Standing’

These guys make up one of Australia’s longest standing Hip Hop acts, having been active for almost two decades now.

Their beats make you want to shake a leg for sure and their flow is infectious. If you haven’t heard anything from them then now is the time to change that and get educated on what I believe is one of the most inspirational acts to step out of the shadows down under.

Without further ado here’s introducing the infallible ‘Hilltop Hoods.’

B.O.B Camera

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The latest video to come out of the B.O.B or Bobby Ray camp is for the track ‘Camera’ which is song and subsequently a video based on the life and times of a model.

The video is directed by Isaac Klotz and features a fashion shoot whereby a group of girls prance about in their underwear striking poses for the camera, while it’s not the deepest premise for a video it certainly makes for good viewing.

The track is taken off B.O.B’s mixtape ‘B.O.B vs Bobby Ray’, the flow is smooth and the lyrics are catchy all adding up to what should be another hit from the Atlanta born rapper.

The Disablists Team Up With Foreign Beggars

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I’m aware that today’s posts are starting to feel like a list of my favourite music videos of the moment, but believe me this isn’t without good reason as you will see upon reading further.

Four times DMC chanmpions The Disablists have teamed up with Foreign Beggars for this release entitled ‘Heavy Rotation’ which is the first single off their recently released Credit Crunk EP.

While the track is naturally something you need to get your hands on right now, the video also deserves an exceptional amount of praise due to the high levels of creative genius displayed throughout the 3 minute animation.

It really breathes new life into the old hand puppet routine, just click play for the mastery that is ‘Heavy Rotation’.

Noisia feat KRS One ‘Exodus’

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Noisia have been at the forefront of Drum and Bass for some time now with their first record ‘Tomahawk’ smashing it’s way onto the scene back in 2003, over the years they have toured the world countless times and spread their musical tentacles into House, Breakbeat, Hip Hop and Pop, even so they had surprisingly never released a full album until April of this year.

Now with the album flying off shelves they have naturally started releasing a stream of music videos to accompany the tracks which like their music are all excellently produced echoing the same attention to detail and perfectionism displayed within every one of their releases musically.

The latest tune to receive the video treatment is ‘Exodus’ which features Hip Hop legend KRS One, the film is a four and a half minute animation directed by Alexander Lehmann and took three years to make, which sounds like a long time but when you see the end product you will see why.

What we are presented with is a futuristic ‘water world’ which is plagued by attacks from space age robots a threat that has to be defended by the army, creating an on going war between the two.

We think it’s genius, so we’ve placed it below for your viewing pleasure. If you enjoy this we would equally advise you to check out the music video for the title track of their album ‘Split the Atom’

Grum ‘Can’t Shake This Feeling’

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Music videos basically give you a licence to express yourself creatively without a thought for the usual boundaries, you can journey to the furthest expansions of your imagination, in some cases the visuals don’t have to even relate to the song.

Enter Grum, a DJ and Producer from Leeds who has made a rapid rise up the ranks in recent times, his success is directly attributable to the power of viral marketing having initially sent out his first tunes via the blogging networks the response was so good that he became at one point the second most blogged about artist on the net.

His music videos are testament to why the masses have been chatting so vigorously, a prime example being his latest video for ‘Can’t Shake This Feeling’, while it loosely relates to the title of the track the connection is a far stretch. What you are confronted with is ‘Food Porn’, confused well don’t be it’s exactly what it says on the tin, hot girls stuffing their faces with food to a soundtrack. The reason, who knows, but it makes for excellent viewing.

The track is not too bad either, so go ahead succumb to your most animalistic desires and hit the play button below.