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Vibes Music

There’s a new artist on the scene produced by South African producer MPI Project who goes under the name of Vibes. He’s just dropped two tracks for free download on Soundcloud with the promise of more to come over the coming weeks. His sound is hard to pin down, somewhere between hip hop and dubstep though I’m sure that’ll change track to track. Either way it’s a refreshing style that we feel can only develop into bigger things. Don’t just take the word of a Wise Homeless Guy have a listen and download for yourself.


MPI Project

Underrated and underexposed are phrases you will hear commonly throughout my articles as I like to shed light on subject matter that I feel hasn’t seen the amount of praise it deserves. I find while all industries hold unsung talent the music industry, as it tends be the most fickle environment, holds an unusually large amount of unsung heroes, most of whom will never achieve the recognition that they deserve. The old cliché ‘It’s not what you know it’s who you know’ doesn’t even necessarily come close to explaining the obstacles faced when venturing into a musical career, many great artists have fallen by the wayside purely because they don’t have the right ‘look’, their sound is apparently too forward thinking or they haven’t got the right ‘attitude’ (basically they refuse to suck up to promoters, A&R pricks or music journalists) to excel in the market.

Aside from this (and luckily for us real music lovers) there are, despite all the pitfalls and warnings against it, those that dedicate their lives to producing and composing unbelievably great music, not just some out of the box wishy washy rubbish as championed by many of the majors, no, masterly engineered well thought out compositions designed not only to get you bobbing your head or tapping your foot but actually feeling every kick, snare, melody and bass on offer. Music of this nature has the ability to broaden your mind, tricking you into thinking you’ve got it all worked out until you listen again and hear something else, something new, something you could have sworn wasn’t there before ultimately opening a whole new channel of thought on the track at hand. One such protagonist within the many genres Dance music has to offer today and the principal subject of this article is MPI Project.

After over 15 years of slugging away in this music biz MPI (Mean Point of Impact) is starting to garner the appreciation he deserves.  Fresh off a tour in Australia headlining every show and gigs in London where he has raised the roof to much acclaim he’s definitely a busy man, but rocking clubs  is merely a sideline as his real talent lies in the making of the tunes that many of us party to week in and week out. With his trusty macbook (I’ve argued with his choice of production tool but he stands by it) as the easel and logic providing the canvas he continually disturbs the neighbors as he fattens his latest baseline recently prompting one Italian in his flats to stop him with the comment “I like your music… but it makes my walls rattle like in discotheque BOOM BOOM!”. As you see even the people he disturbs have a respect for what he is doing.

While many artists choose to select a single genre and stick with it, like a true creative and as testament to his many musical influences MPI finds that he isn’t happy solely providing the soundtrack to one market but regularly switches genres to lace us with bangers across the dance music spectrum, occasionally over the years even dabbling in Hip Hop. As he himself states his style is “a mash up of bits and bobs of everything. It’s got a dark edge and tends to be pretty fast and driving with tons of fat basslines”, while I agree this relates to one element of what he produces I think by this statement he is doing himself an injustice in not revealing (he’ll definitely give me ear ache for saying this) his softer side, the side which gives us tracks such as ‘Meditate’ (released under one of his many aliases Niteanday).

Always being the innovator and avid believer in embracing new technology to enhance his talents MPI doesn’t just stop producing when he leaves the studio, instead on many occasions and to the delight of audiences around the world he’s traded the decks for live producing, ultimately pioneering the use of the ableton platform in South Africa. As a direct result of this every performance is unique adding yet another layer of mystique to an already remarkable act.

Having performed across four continents and already achieved in production the sorts of successes many acts can only dream of the obvious question seems to be, where to from here? Well 2010 sees the launch of his new label MPI Recordings (that is bound to do well considering he’s already successfully owned and managed four other labels) for which he has a whole host of releases scheduled. Also there are possibilities of him re-entering the world of event promotion, though plans are still up in the air. Quite rightly his you tube page continues to garner hits by the thousands and with people lining up around the corner for remixes from him he’ll find it hard to rest any time in the near future.

If you are still doubtful whether you’ve heard what he has to offer or are eager to keep up to date with his latest releases then I have included links to his various web domains below. As a final bonus or if you feel that this article hasn’t provided reason enough to support MPI, when you visit his website you will be treated to a free download in the form of his latest album Evolution, now you can’t say fairer than that.