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Vibes Music

There’s a new artist on the scene produced by South African producer MPI Project who goes under the name of Vibes. He’s just dropped two tracks for free download on Soundcloud with the promise of more to come over the coming weeks. His sound is hard to pin down, somewhere between hip hop and dubstep though I’m sure that’ll change track to track. Either way it’s a refreshing style that we feel can only develop into bigger things. Don’t just take the word of a Wise Homeless Guy have a listen and download for yourself.


Akala ‘Find no Enemy’

Having stepped on the scene back in 2004 with his first mixtape entitled ‘The War Mixtape’ Akala has since carved quite a name for himself in the music industry, boasting an extensive back catalogue of mixtapes and albums alike. While he hasn’t achieved the chart success many believe he deserves his music transcends genre boundaries touching the hearts and minds of anyone who takes the time to listen.

Last year he released his third album ‘Double Think’ (excluding mixtapes) to critical acclaim which featured a number of notable tunes such as the electric guitar laden ‘Faithless People’ the socially conscious ‘Your’s and my Children’ and finally the subject of this post the reflective truths relayed within the beautiful ‘Find no Enemy.’ Do yourself a favour and spare five minutes of your day to listen to this masterpiece.

If you like this track and want to find out more about Akala take the jump to his website www.akalamusic.com

Diggy Simmons

It seems that there is no shortage of talent in the Simmons household and while it doesn’t hurt to have a wealthy and widely connected father such as Rev Run he can only provide a stepping stone, following that each child has to prove their own worth.

Diggy Simmons is not merely proving his worth but excelling in his various career choices. At only 15 he has two mixtapes under his belt, a recording contract with Atlantic records, and a trainer line to boot. Not only is the work rate there he is actually an incredibly talented rapper who is breathing hope into a genre that has faced worrying times in recent years through lack of originality, skill and depth. With rappers such as Diggy on the horizon it could be that we are in for a renaissance of the early years of Hip Hop. If you haven’t heard anything from him then take a listen to the freestyle below.

Music to Make you Move: Hilltop Hoods ‘Still Standing’

These guys make up one of Australia’s longest standing Hip Hop acts, having been active for almost two decades now.

Their beats make you want to shake a leg for sure and their flow is infectious. If you haven’t heard anything from them then now is the time to change that and get educated on what I believe is one of the most inspirational acts to step out of the shadows down under.

Without further ado here’s introducing the infallible ‘Hilltop Hoods.’

B.O.B Camera

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The latest video to come out of the B.O.B or Bobby Ray camp is for the track ‘Camera’ which is song and subsequently a video based on the life and times of a model.

The video is directed by Isaac Klotz and features a fashion shoot whereby a group of girls prance about in their underwear striking poses for the camera, while it’s not the deepest premise for a video it certainly makes for good viewing.

The track is taken off B.O.B’s mixtape ‘B.O.B vs Bobby Ray’, the flow is smooth and the lyrics are catchy all adding up to what should be another hit from the Atlanta born rapper.

Salt n’ Pepa Back in Business

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Hip Hop stars have a habit of retiring and then coming back to the limelight, the latest group to do so is none other than 80’s and early 90’s sensations Salt n’ Pepa.

After reforming back in 2007 they released a television series on VH1 entitled ‘The Salt-n-Pepa show’ whereby cameras followed Salt and Pepa around as they resolved their issues and returned to the recording studio, Spinderella also appeared in several of the episodes.

The album which Salt N Pepa were seen to be recording in the series has now been scheduled for release sometime this year.
To promote their new release the trio will be performing at the South West Four weekender festival in Clapham London.

They will appear on the second day of the event before head liner Fat Boy Slim. Other acts to perform at the festival include Armin Van Buuren and Paul Oakenfold.

This will be the trio’s only UK appearance this year, to get info on tickets and for the full line up of the festival go to southwestfour.com

Rick Ross sues Rick Ross

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You’d be forgiven for thinking that this was perhaps one of the most confusing affairs to hit American courts Rick Ross is suing Rick Ross.

Basically it breaks down like this, ex drug kingpin the ‘Real’ Rick Ross has quite rightly become so incensed by the usage of his name and persona by the rapper Rick Ross for financial gain that he has brought a court case against William L. Roberts II (otherwise known as rapper Rick Ross), Def Jam, Universal, and others.

The above-named parties branded Roberts as “RICK ROSS” and dominated use of the real Rick Ross’ name, created Roberts false drug dealer image and based it on Rick Ross’ real drug dealer image, in the Black, urban crime, and rap community. Roberts’ breakout hit (Everyday I’m) Hustlin was about him falsely being this rapper and drug dealer named “RICK ROSS”, and with the financial backing of the above-named parties, Roberts became a rap star, and Rick Ross got nothing. If Rick Ross was still in jail, the story would be over. However Rick Ross is out of prison, and he’s ready to stand up for his rights.

Billed by Rick Ross’ camp and legal team as “The War Against the 4” (Def Jam, Universal, Roberts and more), “The Thriller of the Dealers”, “The ‘Real’ vs. the ‘Rap’ Deal” ,this summer promises to give us exciting times in the rap music business as Rick Ross ‘fights the power” for control of his name in commerce “by any means necessary”! Stay tuned to freewayenterprise.com for the latest developments in this ongoing battle for RESPECT, REDEMPTION, and RESTITUTION.

The real “Rick Ross” has been actively touring urban America spreading his message, and motivational speaking to at-risk youth, the hood, ex-offenders, and recovering addicts, about the powers of redemption, and he spoke at the Annual Savior’s Day as a guest of Minister Louis Farrakhan. A movie about his life, written by producer Nick Cassavettes, is slated for release next year.