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Press Pause Play

We exist in an ever changing media landscape, with the onset of the digital era some would say we are in the midst of one of the most exciting technical revolutions known to man. However there are those who would argue that this particular revolution has been detrimental to the quality of output especially within the creative industries. Personally I feel that we should embrace change and adapt accordingly, I mean without the digital revolution amongst other things this blog wouldn’t exist (some might say that would be a good thing) and I wouldn’t be able to share my ramblings with the world. Press Pause Play, a documentary released last year, offers opinions and educated arguments from prominent figures for both sides. If you haven’t seen it yet I’d suggest you give it a watch. Whatever your viewpoints on the subject are this film will at best make you question your stance or at worst offer up food for thought and provide material to lengthen the debate. You can stream it for free on Vimeo by following the link below or download it from their website http://www.presspauseplay.com/ Enjoy!


Banksy ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’

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Banksy is perhaps one of the greatest marketing minds the world has ever seen especially considering none of us have a clue who he is which in turn merely fuels our interest.

He has now allegedly (he hasn’t credited himself as the director) added film making to his¬†repertoire. ‘Exit through the gift shop’ is a documentary said to be focussed on amateur French Film Maker Thierry Guetta who attempted a documentary on Banksy which resulted in the artist turning the camera back on him, this may or may not be true (more likely the latter).

Either way the film tells the story of the duo’s developing friendship and eventually through Banksy’s inspiration Guetta even tries his hand at graff under the moniker Mr Brainwash.

This is a well shot documentary celebrating aerosol art. For a taster of what to expect through your eyes over the clip below.