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Vibes Music

There’s a new artist on the scene produced by South African producer MPI Project who goes under the name of Vibes. He’s just dropped two tracks for free download on Soundcloud with the promise of more to come over the coming weeks. His sound is hard to pin down, somewhere between hip hop and dubstep though I’m sure that’ll change track to track. Either way it’s a refreshing style that we feel can only develop into bigger things. Don’t just take the word of a Wise Homeless Guy have a listen and download for yourself.


Britney Spears to work with Rusko

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Over music history there have been some unlikely collaboration’s of which a few examples include Jay-Z and Coldplay, ODB and Phil Collins, Burt Bacharach and Dre Dre, but the recent announcement of Britney Spears’s scheduled collaboration with Dubstep producer Rusko just about tops the bill.

Leeds born Rusko, who is currently based in LA, revealed in an interview with LA weekly to promote his debut album release O.M.G, that Britney’s ‘people’ have approached him to work on her new record.

If you thought that this meant Rusko had been lured by massive financial rewards and succumbed to producing pop music then you would be mistaken, to emphasise this he had this to say “they approach me because they want me to do what I do. They don’t want me to make a cheesy pop record. I just want to be known for my beats. It’s simple. What you see is what you get. Bang! The music.”

At this stage even with Rusko’s assurances it’s hard to be convinced that his production won’t be compromised a little bit in an effort to appeal to commercial audiences, nonethelessl it’ll be an interesting record when released, hopefully Rusko sticks to his guns.

Ministry of Sound Release New Dubstep Track for Free

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In light of the new downloading craze a wealth of artists and labels have been following suit offering some of their releases for free in an effort to garner further support, in turn removing the illegal element and somewhat negative connotation of downloading.

Dance music powerhouse Ministry of Sound has become the latest label to join the trend making their most recent release available for free download from their blog.

New signing Unicorn Kid is responsible for the production behind the uplifting Dubstep tune ‘Dreamcatcher’, which on first play seems to have all the makings for a dance floor banger, though in this fickle industry only time will tell.

To get your mitts on a free copy all you have to do is click the link below, enjoy.

Unicorn Kid – Dreamcatcher (Click here for free download)

Sodzlaw ‘Wasteman Mix’

Over the past few years we’ve seen the deep, dark and wobbly sounds of Dubstep go from underground obscurity to dance floor smashing headline dominating superstar genre status so much so that it seems to be emanating from every crevice that can fit a speaker.

With it’s success new and exciting names have been popping up on our wavelengths every day ready to smash a sound system near you with their own variety of bass line mayhem. One of those up and coming Dubstep masters is Sodzlaw.

Hailing from a little known corner of Northamptonshire aptly nick named ‘Crackley’, Sodzlaw’s been harnessing his talent in recent times to much avail with a regular radio show on uksfinest.org.uk alongside fellow DJ Dubyza. Not just happy blessing our eardrums through that platform he’s decided he wants to take over our stereo systems on a more permanent basis by releasing his ‘Wasteman Mix’ which we at Wise Homeless Guy reckon is absolute fire!

If you haven’t got yourself a copy yet then you’ve been depriving yourself of some serious bass line disorder! So do yourself a favour click the link below for your free download!

Sodzlaw ‘Wasteman Mix’ (Click here for free download)

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Subsource – The Ides

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I was just introduced to this band this morning and I feel a bit bad about not having discovered them sooner as they have definitely got a sound that’s worth listening to.
In their biog, in reference to how they came about, they state “Four years ago, 20 miles south of central London, four people went into a studio to start a war. Fucked off with so-called live dance acts mincing behind laptops, and rock acts with no more substance than the product in their hair we decided things had to change.”
Well I look forward to big things from them in the future, this is their new single ‘The Ides’.

Afrowhitie Mallrat Session 2, DJ set download

He describes his first ever set back in the mid 90’s, as one half of the live electronic duo ‘Galactic Gigolos’, as a joke, not in the terrible sense but in the funny, even so, after taking his own joke somewhat seriously he has over the past 15 years developed himself into a formidable DJ mapping out an illustrious career along the way.
A purveyor of all things danceable Afrowhitie refuses to limit himself to one sound, he is as comfortable mashing it up with the hippies at a psytrance free party as he is dropping the sexiest house grooves in the most exclusive establishments of the moment.
Now residing down under he’s been kind enough to take some time off from the surf and pull himself away from the barbie, sorry for the puns couldn’t help it it’s all fun and games, to bless us with this impeccable mash up of old school garage, breaks and dubstep so here’s the mix to get you in the mood for the weekend to come. Just hit the jump below for the download.

Afrowhitie Mallrat session 2 download (click here for download)