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Vibes Music

There’s a new artist on the scene produced by South African producer MPI Project who goes under the name of Vibes. He’s just dropped two tracks for free download on Soundcloud with the promise of more to come over the coming weeks. His sound is hard to pin down, somewhere between hip hop and dubstep though I’m sure that’ll change track to track. Either way it’s a refreshing style that we feel can only develop into bigger things. Don’t just take the word of a Wise Homeless Guy have a listen and download for yourself.


Diggy Simmons

It seems that there is no shortage of talent in the Simmons household and while it doesn’t hurt to have a wealthy and widely connected father such as Rev Run he can only provide a stepping stone, following that each child has to prove their own worth.

Diggy Simmons is not merely proving his worth but excelling in his various career choices. At only 15 he has two mixtapes under his belt, a recording contract with Atlantic records, and a trainer line to boot. Not only is the work rate there he is actually an incredibly talented rapper who is breathing hope into a genre that has faced worrying times in recent years through lack of originality, skill and depth. With rappers such as Diggy on the horizon it could be that we are in for a renaissance of the early years of Hip Hop. If you haven’t heard anything from him then take a listen to the freestyle below.

Music to Make you Move: Hilltop Hoods ‘Still Standing’

These guys make up one of Australia’s longest standing Hip Hop acts, having been active for almost two decades now.

Their beats make you want to shake a leg for sure and their flow is infectious. If you haven’t heard anything from them then now is the time to change that and get educated on what I believe is one of the most inspirational acts to step out of the shadows down under.

Without further ado here’s introducing the infallible ‘Hilltop Hoods.’

Been a while

It seems like forever since I’ve posted anything on the blog and I have to say I’ve missed it. While I could roll off a dozen usual excuses it merely boils down to the fact I’ve been too tired with all the other writing/music/work projects to bring to the table anything remotely interesting. Now that is rather a lame excuse but it’s the one I’m standing by. However, my time management has improved over these last few months and I will be bringing you info on all that interests me once again. Hope you enjoy what’s in store for the future.

Wiley Gives Away 200 Tracks For Free

Wiley, the godfather of grime, must be feeling in a particularly generous mood of late as he has done the unthinkable and released a back catalogue of 200 tunes for free through his twitter page

This sort of generosity may anger the major labels who have been desperately trying to avoid such give-away’s as they unsuccessfully attempt to cling on to their golden years. However, the move will delight Wiley’s fans escalating the stars stature even further.

Some narrow minded critics may not see the logic in the give-away merely seeing it as another nail in the music industry’s coffin, but those with the ability to think out of the box will realise the marketing genius having already seen the success achieved by similar ‘pay what you want’ campaigns orchestrated by artists such as Radiohead.

Whatever your views on the subject the response from Wiley’s gesture has been immense and as a result you can be assured his upcoming album sales will reflect this popularity.

To get your hands on the 11 zip files containing the 200 tracks just follow the various links below.

Zip Files 01…

Zip Files 02…

Zip Files 03…

Zip Files 04…

Zip Files 05…

Zip Files 06…

Zip Files 07…

Zip Files 08…

Zip Files 09…

Zip Files 10…

Zip Files 11…

The Disablists Team Up With Foreign Beggars

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I’m aware that today’s posts are starting to feel like a list of my favourite music videos of the moment, but believe me this isn’t without good reason as you will see upon reading further.

Four times DMC chanmpions The Disablists have teamed up with Foreign Beggars for this release entitled ‘Heavy Rotation’ which is the first single off their recently released Credit Crunk EP.

While the track is naturally something you need to get your hands on right now, the video also deserves an exceptional amount of praise due to the high levels of creative genius displayed throughout the 3 minute animation.

It really breathes new life into the old hand puppet routine, just click play for the mastery that is ‘Heavy Rotation’.

Lazy Habits feat Baby Sol ‘Memory Banks’

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It’s been a busy week with exciting advancements on many fronts, which all adds up to me neglecting the blog, not an excuse really but it will all become clear in the near future. However there will be a wealth of new articles over the next week or so but for now in order to set your bank holiday weekend off like a greyhound on steroids I have the latest video release from Hip Hop/Jazz collective Lazy Habits.

Some of you may or may not have heard of the group, but believe me when I say they are nothing short of mind blowing. With a Funk and Jazz infused horn section and drums complimented by two masterful MC’s who really know how to lace a rhyme they have been setting the musical world on fire of late.

Just off a tour with Mos Def they are keeping the momentum moving with this new release entitled ‘Memory Banks’ which features an exceptional singer in the form of Baby Sol. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. So without further ado ready to get you in the mood here are Lazy Habits.