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Press Pause Play

We exist in an ever changing media landscape, with the onset of the digital era some would say we are in the midst of one of the most exciting technical revolutions known to man. However there are those who would argue that this particular revolution has been detrimental to the quality of output especially within the creative industries. Personally I feel that we should embrace change and adapt accordingly, I mean without the digital revolution amongst other things this blog wouldn’t exist (some might say that would be a good thing) and I wouldn’t be able to share my ramblings with the world. Press Pause Play, a documentary released last year, offers opinions and educated arguments from prominent figures for both sides. If you haven’t seen it yet I’d suggest you give it a watch. Whatever your viewpoints on the subject are this film will at best make you question your stance or at worst offer up food for thought and provide material to lengthen the debate. You can stream it for free on Vimeo by following the link below or download it from their website Enjoy!


It’s Official Matter Has Closed Its Doors

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There have been rumours floating about all week regarding the closing of London super club ‘Matter’, even so there hasn’t been any substantial evidence until now.

The first warning sign that the rumours may be true was a message from the Halcyon organisers saying that they had moved their event, which was to take place at Matter this Friday, to the Fridge in Brixton due to the closing of Matter.

Still without notification from the owners it was unclear whether this was an isolated incident until the final confirmation came in the form of a statement from AEG which said “We can confirm that the Matter nightclub has temporarily closed over the summer period with a view to re-launching later in the year.” It went on “This decision has been taken by the owners of Matter. The reopening will be considered over the course of the next few months and we will keep you advised when further information is available.”

We can only hope that the venue reopens after the summer but in these difficult times who’s to say what will happen.

Best of the Web: The Best Tractor Fight Ever

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Well it’s probably the only tractor fight you’ll see in a feature film still that doesn’t mean that it can’t be considered a classic.

Once film makers get a load of the acrobatics that can be achieved with a mere tractor then perhaps there will be more dare devil tractorbatics in future films.

In true Bollywood style this takes the improbable and makes it entertainingly improbable stretching creativity to the nth degree and for that we salute not just this clip from the film Alluda Majaka but Bollywood as a whole.

Returned Glastonbury Tickets Go On Sale

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If you registered for tickets to Glastonbury this year but weren’t lucky enough to secure any before they sold out don’t fret as a limited amount of tickets have been returned and will go on sale tomorrow Sunday 16th May at 12pm.

Organisers of the festival announced a resale earlier this week and those that are still keen to go will be able to obtain the festival tickets plus a number of caravan and parking tickets from or by calling 0844 412 4635, but purchasers must already be successfully registered at

With the festival celebrating its 40th anniversary this year and boasting acts such as Stevie Wonder, U2, Muse, Snoop Dogg and Mos Def to name just a few, it’ll definitely be a mash up of note.

Good luck to all who will be vying for tickets tomorrow I hope you get them, if not then there’s always a dozen other festivals to attend this year and of course, without trying to add further insult to injury, Glastonbury will more than likely be about again next year.

Best of the Web: Rappers on the Weakest Link

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Rappers on the weakest link? It’s a shame I missed this episode first time round, perhaps it was only shown in the states, either way I stumbled across this compilation of the best bits and thought I’d share it.

Look out for Nate Dogg’s first comments, nothing short of classic. While B Real should probably revisit primary school maths especially considering his wealth.

Have a look and see if you laugh as hard as I did first time round, I wonder if the wrestlers episode was as funny.

Jarvis Cocker at One with Nature

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Musicians are forever embracing nature whether it’s in the psychedelic fashion of the Woodstock days or in support of charitable causes such as the Rainforest Fund or Gulf Coast.

However, in this case it seems that Jarvis Cocker has taken things a step further releasing an album that is solely comprised of natural sounds from around the British Isles which include birdsong, crashing waves and crunching gravel.

The album has been released in support of the National Trust and is in response to research they conducted whereby 88% of people involved said they found it easier to think when surrounded by natural sounds such as birdsong and the sea.

Speaking about the album, the Visitor Experience Director of the National Trust Tony berry said “If rock and roll is the sound of the city, this is the sound of the country – it’s the ultimate chill-out album.” Adding to this Jarvis said “I hope this album is a ‘Holiday for the Ears.”.

At least we now know what Jarvis has been doing since Pulp, chilling in the country with a microphone. Hopefully the album is as relaxing to listen to as I’m sure it was to make.

To get your hands on the album just head over to the National Trust website and download yourself a copy for free.

Best of Web: Dan Bull – Changes (Election summary)

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Occasionally, well pretty much on a daily basis, we at Wise Homeless Guy stumble across some interesting titbits from around the web that either make us laugh, gasp or are just well done, this video falls under the latter.

The tune is a remix of 2pac’s ‘Changes’ by an artist we could find very little about who goes by the name of Dan Bull.

Focusing on the recent British election and more specifically the ‘handing over of reigns’ as it were from Gordon Brown to David Cameron, the track is an open letter to the new Prime Minister.

The flow is good and the lyrics are well thought out, making a an altogether good response to the current state of affairs, we hope to hear more from this guy in the future.